Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Bottom line: giving to charity increases my own sense of entitlement."
Phil Hellmuth

I've caught up on my reading. Finally.
Uber pending.

Real life still kicking my ass.

But I found this great Phil Hellmuth nonsense that I just had to share right now.

Phil Hellmuth loses $536k in one night of Chinese Poker to Phil Ivey:

Of course, Phil had to blog about it: My Biggest Loss EVER!

Go read the ego-less Phil right now, damnit. It's classic.

Daniel Negreanu has a nice parody of Phil's post up: Learning to use all my Powers!

On a personal poker note, I took serious pleasure in tilting Sir Waffles in a blogger tourney last evening. It was my only goal although I'll admit that tilting Waffles is like fishing with dynamite. In his post about this, I enjoyed Waffles blog Labels: fucking stupid cunt chasing mother fucking dwarf cocksucker

Even funnier is that he's still pissed today. Sadly, I lost interest in the tourney after knocking Waffles out and quickly committed poker tourney suicide with a big stack.

More coming.

Um, Keith Richards: 'I snorted my father'.

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