Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Annie Duke Cheats at Poker 

Howdy all. Quick rambling tangential post.

We interrupt the poker content here for some WoW nonsense. Poker content below.

We probably all know somebody who plays World of Warcraft.
And we pity them.

But hell, after I learned that ten million people were playing even I went and checked it out for a few weeks. I like fun games as much as the next guy, even if they do involve elves.

So I finally found the TuffFish of WoW. Great stuff.

I don't know why I enjoy this so much. His rage? His accent? The drawings?

He's trying to run a group of WoW players and kill a big bad dragon.
There's a poker metaphor here somewhere.

Second on tonight's list of WoW thingies is a post about playing paladins. Again, I guess this is only funny if you've some semblance of the game, but I don't care. I'm blogging it anyway.


Now to the third and final WoW thingy. This is truly wacky.

Offering sex for virtual money? Is this prostitution? Or is the truism "Time is Money" coming to fruition in the virtual game space?

This lady wanted a horse in World of Warcraft. They are apparently expensive, not unlike the real world. So she offered someone (anyone!) the opportunity to bonk her in exchange for the gold needed to purchase the damn pony.

Hell, I've slept with people for less.

But here's the original ad she posted to Craigslist: An Epic Mount.

And she got some takers along with some unwanted publicity, especially since her photo was included on her above post.

And God Bless Capitalism, she got her horse: Epic Mount Prostitute Triumphs.

Part of me wants to call shenanigans on this sordid affair but I can't find any evidence to back it up.

I don't understand people who grind on WoW versus poker. Grinding in poker is my middle fucking name.

So here's a few poker tidbits to tide you over.

Wow, an old Dutch Boyd thread from TiltBoy, Perry Friedman, documents some very bizarre behavior by Dutch. Read and decide for yourself.


I originally alluded to this a couple of months ago, but now that Russ is getting all this attention, I felt obligated to come forward with more details. My original post can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/jfus

Below you will find one of my chats with Russ Boyd. I had contacted him to talk about Pokerspot and had some reasonable and normal conversations with him prior to this chat. At one point, he had asked me to become his mentor, and I said I was not interested. At one point, he had asked me to become his mentor, and I said I was not interest. After several "normal" chats, he eventually started becoming very irrational and delusional and made some bizarre posts to RGP and sent me some strange emails during this time period as well. During the chat below, he started driving up my "warning" level on AIM chat for no apparent reason.

I have included one of his chats below, but I have removed his phone number and social security number for his protection. I have also changed his AIM ID, since he was not using his "pokerspot" ID. I was hesitant to post these chats, mostly for Russ' own protection, but I think that given recent events, it is worth posting. In order to post it with a clear conscience, I made the changes above because I will not sink to his level.

I also have some saved email from the good old days from Pokerspot where they were weaseling about cashouts and claiming technical issues.

Like I said in my old post referenced above, I can forgive the chat he had with me, and dismiss some other things as youthful indiscretion, but he has been unrepentant about his dealings with the Pokerspot clients and it was clear some of his actions were intentionally deceitful and fraudulent. This I cannot forgive.

Regardless of what state of mind he was in when we had these chats, they should lend some insight into his true character.

RUSSBOYD: You ready yet to take on a protege, Perry?
RUSSBOYD: Can you hear me now? Good.
friedm5: I am here.... not looking at a protege
RUSSBOYD: Maybe I should change my name to Perry Freed man
RUSSBOYD: you listening?
friedm5: Yes
friedm5: How do I know you are even Russ Boyd?
friedm5: Somehow, I get the feeling you are not
RUSSBOYD: I can give you my number.
RUSSBOYD: you and I can have a little chat about what I've been up to last year.
RUSSBOYD: I hacked poker.
RUSSBOYD: Find out what I did two years ago.
RUSSBOYD: Be my mentor.
RUSSBOYD: Pretty please?
friedm5: You seem a little too juvenile for me
friedm5: I particularly like all the warnings
RUSSBOYD: I'm a reasonable man...
RUSSBOYD: get off my case.
friedm5: You gonna keep driving up my warning level?
friedm5: Cool
friedm5: I may have to block you, then
RUSSBOYD: don't do it yet.
RUSSBOYD: Fuck you
RUSSBOYD: you believe me yet?
RUSSBOYD: You want to win at poker? Win at life first...
RUSSBOYD: if you can't win at life, ask yourself a question:
RUSSBOYD: What's youre Social Security Number?
friedm5: Well, you seem a bit too juvenile to be Russ Boyd
RUSSBOYD: thanks, man.
RUSSBOYD: What's your Social Security Number anyway?
friedm5: Why should I tell you that?
RUSSBOYD: give me a call when you are ready to talk
RUSSBOYD: then maybe we can switch lives for a year?
RUSSBOYD: I want to win at poker
RUSSBOYD: so maybe we make it so nobody loses?
RUSSBOYD: good idea
RUSSBOYD: let's see if it works.
RUSSBOYD: it's all about the buddy system... and I don't like any JEWS.
RUSSBOYD: I'm an Elvis Impersenator and I can tell you why.
friedm5: Well, how would calling you confirm that you are really Russ Boyd?
friedm5: I may have to report you to AOL for violating their terms of service
RUSSBOYD: FUCK YOU = "How can I help you?"
RUSSBOYD: do it again
RUSSBOYD: I DARE you to fucking do that again
friedm5: No need to... I am just going to report you to AOL for abuse and violating their terms of service
RUSSBOYD: I'm getting offline.
RUSSBOYD: You should call Russ Boyd if you think you can keep up.
RUSSBOYD: You know I don't play poker anymore, right?
RUSSBOYD: What if the devil asked you for three more wishes, and called it the contract.
RUSSBOYD: Sounds like a movie, right?
RUSSBOYD: Hopefully it comes out sometime next year.
RUSSBOYD: Just dont' kill yourself over a bad beat at poker.
RUSSBOYD: = Let Perry live the life for awhile until he gets back to me.
RUSSBOYD: just fucking warn me dude.


PS The above chat would be humorous if it weren't so sad and disturbing. I felt like I was running Meta-X psychoanalyze-pinhead in Emacs (which is basically "Zippy the Pinhead" spewing quotes into an Eliza-like psychoanalysis program).


Yikes. Please Dutch - take your meds.

And finally, I gotta point out these posts by Terrance Chan via Otis. I mean, I've never met Terrance but I'm a long, long time fan.

Go read the insanity and links from Otis at UpForPoker on this story. Now.
Where the bunnies get burned

Sorry, but Annie Duke shows her true colours once again.

Terrence > Annie

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