Sunday, May 13, 2007

Full Tilt Poker Snafu Continues 

Treated myself and the wife to an eight hour day on the water with a professional muskie guide. Sadly, we got skunked but it was educational as hell to go out with a pro and learn some new tricks and techniques. Not to mention learning a particular lake pretty damn well.

I swear I'm going to uber very soon. I'm just too wore out to get cracking on it this evening.

But I wanted to check in and report that Full Tilt finally responded to the insanity of that huge 2+2 thread about the evidence of poker bots or whatever the hell those guys are doing over there. The stats are pretty damning, imho.

So here's FTP Sean's post. Go read the entire thread for yourself.


Official Full Tilt Poker Response to Poker Bot Thread


I’m sorry for the delay in posting to the bot thread. We felt it was very important to thoroughly review the investigation notes and findings again before commenting and I should have just posted a quick message to let you guys know we were looking into it.

We were definitely aware of the importance of this situation and held a series of meetings to discuss our established policies as well as the terms of this specific case. While I am unable to discuss the specific details of the investigation, I will make some general comments.

We take bots very seriously, and for obvious reasons cannot go into the details of our policies, procedures and detection methods. Our meetings served to further refine these policies and processes in general terms, and also with regards to this investigation specifically. Having said that, if Full Tilt Poker Security confirms the use of a bot by any player, all accounts involved would be permanently closed and all funds remaining in the accounts could be subject to seizure.

After doing our due diligence in this case, we came to the following determinations:

• During the investigation we found the evidence to be inconclusive in supporting either determination (human or bot).

• After careful consideration, the evidence did not warrant the seizure of funds and permanent account closure.

• We stand by our decision. Having said that, re-opening an account after an investigation such as this one does not mean we have made an irreversible decision. We will continue to reevaluate this situation.

It is our responsibility to ensure a level playing field for all of our players. As evidenced by this thread, some situations are not as clear cut as they first appear and require additional refinement of established policies and procedures. We are working on additional measures to detect any activity that compromises the integrity and fairness of our games; this is of paramount importance and will never be taken lightly.


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