Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Defending Dutch Boyd 

Johnny Hughes rocks. And you know what, he's dead right about this, per my prior post.

His email to me this morning - posted with permission, of course:


Subject: Defending Dutch Boyd

Come on, Iggy, you come across as a tolerant, flexible person whose humor alone would brand him as a man who looks on the behavior of gamblers with enough salt to impress Lot's wife. Would you be so quick to jump on your very own namesake? Heavens no, say I. You have heard the old saying, "People from cincinnati should not throw stones."

I met Dutch when he first came to Las Vegas. I am hard of hearing a little and when he said his name was Russ, I thought he said Dutch. I introduced him around the World Series of Poker as Dutch. We played together quit a bit in the 2,5 no-limit Hold 'em. We shared some meals and hung out. I took an immediate liking to Dutch. I showed him some cheater's moves to watch out for. Dutch laughed at that since he had studied magic as a kid. He showed me the amazing chip tricks he later did on TV in the World Series the year after I met him. Dutch was on a very skinny bankroll since he had gone broke on that Internet deal. He was only twenty. He made a big mistake and he knows it.

Most of our conversation had to do with why someone so intelligent with a law degree would rather be a professional poker player. Meeting Dutch and his crew opened my eyes to the revolution and dominance of the twentysomethings in tournament poker. While we were playing together, Dutch went off to play a satellite for the World Series. He asked me if I wanted half his action. I told him, "I don't put in with nubbins." We had been having a lot of fun talking and joking at the poker table. This enormous black man, easily north of 350 pounds, who introduced himself only as "Big" threw in with Dutch. We all sweated it out but Dutch got knocked out. The next year he went on to the final two tables and lots of TV fame.

The year after that, Dutch got down to three handed in the Razz event against T.J.Cloutier and Howard Lederer. Dutch's "crew" of Bret, Scott, Joe, and some others were loudly cheering for Dutch. I was too. Now all those guys I have mentioned have won bracelets, including Dutch.

I knew the fast money, hard living, and Las Vegas nights would take a toll on some of these young gamblers. Does that shock you, Iggy? Recently, Dutch admitted he had bipolar problems and sought treatment. Let us all give him a chance to find himself. He who has never been stoned should caste the first rock.

If you knew Dutch, you would like him. That Perry thread looks like a big drunk talking and thinking he was being funny. How many of you would like the worst things you said spread out there on the wooly wide web? I like Dutch but it is sure all right with me if you do not. Some of my friends are for him and some of my friends are against him and I am for my friends.

Johnny Hughes


Well said, Sir.

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