Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Joy Miller exclusive response 


Lots of craziness out there in the poker world today pertaining to Terrence Chan, Annie Duke, Steve Dannenmann and Joy Miller. I've read some nasty threads all over the place. See prior posts for background if need be. Or go read Otis at UpForPoker.

And luckily for you, I have Joy's response right here on Guinness and Poker.

I actually talked to her last evening. Weirdly enough, she was Jenna Jamison's agent for awhile.

And then my hero, Johnny Hughes, emailed her this morning and got her response which she graciously is allowing me to share with ya'll right here. Johnny, too.



thank you for the advice.

there's nothing i can do to make a bunch of strangers who have decided to involve themselves in a situation that doesn't affect them, change their mind about me. i was obviously taking one for the team.

terrence was wrong to involve complete strangers in this situation BEFORE coming to me or anyone else that could have helped him. he chose to discuss it with the internet. he NEVER complained about annie sitting with steve until he got home and put it on his blog. that was wrong of him, and the personal attacks on me have absolutely nothing to do with that.

the trashing doesn't really affect me, as no one who lives in my life is on there discussing my anatomy or "personal issues", i truly dont feel i need to defend myself to complete strangers who are trolling the internet reading gossip. i even actually emailed someone a complete lie to see if they'd put it up without checking it and they did! TWO in fact!

i have been trying to conceive a way to get terrence feeling whole, but the more he's commented and added fuel to the fire, the more it's forced me to be distracted by having to field phone calls from psychos who are "going to stab me at the WSOP this summer" or emails referring to my parent's raising a whore. my phone is now tapped for the next 7 days by the LAPD because i was getting so many disgusting and graphic phone calls that i had to have some traced.

i always had the intention of dealing with terrence, one on one, in fact, i've had 3 conversations over the phone with him. i don't blast business or personal issues in to forums where people without complete knowledge of the situation feel compelled to comment. i'm sure he's updated his "fans" on every new development, so i'll leave the business of discussing things with the entire world to him.

i'm not important, i never said i was, all i alluded to was i thought terrence was being unfair by LATER telling me his annoyance and then DEMANDING a seat, which anyone would agree was not appropriate. i don't affect these people and when you sit down to play poker, i don't have any affect on that either, so i DO wish that those who are speculating on me personally, would re-evaluate if they even want to waste their time discussing me. because frankly, i'm only marginally interesting.

i do thank you for the advice, but i'm not willing to bother responding to people that are just plain nasty and gossip-y. thank you for seeing that i am being the scapegoat, it makes it a little easier to take ;-)

by the way, if you want to post that i am an avid skydiver who once saved a man whose parachute didn't open -- it might add to my allure -- it's a lie, but then again, most of them are! ;-)

be well!

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