Sunday, June 03, 2007


Had a superb weekend here. Got semi-caught up on some projects and did a ton of well-deserved fishing. I've added a few upgrades on the boat and even treated the wife and myself to some serious muskie rods and reels. Modifying my existing pike and catfish rigs just wasn't gonna cut it.

A buddy of mine in our local Muskie Inc chapter sent me this pic from a few weeks ago of his nice 37 inch fish caught on our home lake.

My goal this year is to boat a few 40 inch class fish. I'm pretty sure I lost one last year when I was using inferior equipment and I'm still sick over it.

Funny, how like in poker, you tend to remember the big ones you lost than the ones you boated.

In fact, I'm prolly gonna write a treatise on how poker is damn near exactly like fishing.

Stay tuned.

And so the blogger Gathering looms this weekend. Sadly, after attending all prior six events, I cannot make it this time. So I hope everyone has a blast - I'll be there this December, have no fear.

I'm actually been enjoying a nice break from poker, outside of those damn blogger tourneys, that I'm roped into playing since I'm in contention. It's a combination on knowing I need a brief hiatus and lack of time. Yeah, my priorities are fucked up, I know.

But I'm still bitter over the 20 large I have stuck/lost on Neteller.

And hell, the WSOP just began. This has always been a very exciting time for me, until this year. After the legislation and the Neteller burn, I just don't give a fuck.

Not to mention it seems like every jackass on the planet will be competing for TV time on ESPN by ramping up their douchebagness. Yes, I just invented that word.

So I'll get my WSOP fix by reading Dr. Pauly but that's about it.

Geepers, I really am turning into a curmudgeonly old guy, aren't I?

But then again, I just read the Quiet Lion, Richard Brodie's post about being banned from playing the WSOP by Harrah's.

Beyond Ridiculous. Fuck Harrah's.

I'll be back with tasty poker goodness very soon. Stay tuned.

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