Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm insanely busy. Isn't everyone?

I miss sitting on my ass grinding away at poker. The grass is always greener, ain't it?

Let's do a David Sklansky snippet or two.

My buddy Craig reminded me about this thread that David started that was titled: Several Hotshots Supposedly Broke Or In Debt but really the reason I mention this was because of the bitchslap that Jason Strasser delivered. Yikes.



You are one lame old man and I'd much rather be any of these broke hotshots than be your panzy ass. You take great comfort in these big famous names, who get to make money off TV deals and bone D list celebrities, when they go broke. You remind me of my HS chemistry teacher who had a PHD in chemistry, you consistently tell everyone (I read a few recent posts of yours in the finance forums) that you are a lazy genius, and quite frankly I admire the scrappy idiot or the John Robert Belland's of the world more than I admire you and your advanced yet waste of space intellect.

This is the lamest piece of gossip ever, made even more lame by the fact that you refuse to out anyone yet state that Guy staked one of these big losers. Great David, the whole [censored] world knows that Guy stakes Booth, you are a BIG MAN for keeping names out of this thread.

How about you leave NVG until you come back with actual gossip that people might care about? And while we're on the topic, how about you show a little courtesy for the players you sit with in cash games? You annoy everyone endlessly when you constantly leave the table to go check on horses/Brandi.

"Who knows the great enthusiams, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who have never known neither victory nor defeat." teddy r

These hotshots might be broke, but at least they probably went down with a fight and had some life to their step and are not spending their entire life underachieving.


Gotta love strong opinions.

The reason I remembered this thread is cause I just saw the new thread started by Mr. Sklansky entitled: I Don't Ever Give Woman Money

Nothing but class here:


Or stake them in poker games. Or buy them expensive gifts. As much as I like to keep people guessing about what I am up to personally, (for the sake of getting extra hits on this site,) I can't handle the idea that people think I am that kind of sucker.

I'll buy dinner. But only because I have a lot more money than them. I usually do the same for a guy. If I'm dating them I will occasionally buy the two or three hundred dollar gift. If she is living with me, I'm paying living expenses and perhaps something like online tuition if she is taking a class. And on a few occasions I've done something like pay a traffic ticket for a damsel in distress.

One thing for sure though is that no woman I have been with was there mainly for money. That can be proved logically. Because any female who has the morals that would allow her to mess with a guy mainly for money would be picking other guys besides me. My poker nittiness extends to my personal life. I'm not saying that any girl I'm with is there with me soley because of my personality and linguistic rpms. I'm sure most would be gone if I was a broke nobody. But they ain't getting my cash.

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