Monday, June 18, 2007


Yes, I'm still kicking. Hell, even my main man, Johnny Hughes, emailed me to make sure I was still alive.

I'm just buried at work and real life. I'll get back on the horn soon enough.

A few random tidbits here tonight. I just returned from a hilarious weekend in Chicago with some hilarious poker bloggers. I'll spare you the details but a huge thanks to DonkeyPuncher and his wife for allowing some serious degenerates to invade his house. Twas quite the crew. I see that Joaquin, Garthmeister & Joe Speaker already have trip reports up. Now Bobby Bracelet has his first post up as well as Chad at Pokerama. Grubby. Check em out.

Arg, it's always tough to hit the ground running after a weekend like that but I did today. And now I'm gonna write this lil post up before I treat myself to the HOY.

Most of my cash game play has moved to Bodog. I'm loathe to actually blog about that, cause the players suck and the software is worse, but we all know good players abhor bad online poker software. But hey, Bodog is what it is - a great place for some of the sports bettors to come and get their ass kicked over time at the poker tables. Don't tell your friends, damnit.

Speaking of overlay, I have a strange segue here. I have a friend who, just like a professional poker player desperate used car salesman, emailed me about a P&G contest that Mr. Clean is putting on.

There's only a few weeks left in this video contest and first is paying out ten grand. He told me there were only around 15 videos submitted, so that's a pretty damn good shot at taking down the cash. 1 in 15 sounds purty good to me. I think the contest ends June 30th but I'm too lazy loaded to read the rules right now.

Mr. Clean Scenes $10,000 Video Contest. If you've got any buddies who are good at the video thing - please spread the word - this one kinda looks like easy money.

And now my buddy owes me an expensive lunch for pimping his lil project.

This video is just for the UFC fans out there. This is exclusive video of UFC star Chuck Liddell getting a lap dance from two fine girls at Pure in Las Vegas. And while I didn't record it, it was sent to me by a huge fan of the site UFCjunkie.com. We chose not to post it so here it is.

Damnit, I need to post some poker stuff. Consider it pending.

For now, here's some fine pictures to make up for the dearth of poker content. The first one is my favorite pic from this past weekend in Chicago. Feel free to guess which poker blogger this is.

Link of the Day: I feel the Earth Move under my Feet

Creationism, hell ... these atheistic scientists even want us to think the Earth moves around the sun!

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