Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm not sure I can put into words how thrilling it is to hear an up & coming fight superstar pimp your website's URL on national TV.

I very nearly shat myself.

That's right. Houston Alexander pimped MMAjunkie.com after his win on Saturday night. And even though we experience massive traffic on fight nights, the traffic spike after his pimp was very noticeable.

Wild, wacky stuff. I wish I could blog more about the situation over there, but the less said the better, right now anyway.

Allow me to quickly segue and tell you a quick tale.

I have a very close friend who currently works in telemarketing, selling advertising. I love to talk to him about his job because he works with some clinically insane folks and often has some hilarious stories.

Here's my favorite from last week.

A co-worker of his, let's call him Bob, is a 50-something recovering drunk and crackhead. He's now a pretty hardcore AA'r.

He was awoke at 3AM in the morning by someone banging on his door. This was a little dicey because he lives in a sketchy neighborhood in N. Ky.

So he cautiously went downstairs, looked out and saw a completely naked and bloody woman on his doorstep, who had obviously been punched in the face several times.

Best of all, he recognized her from his using days.

So he let her in, got her a robe to wear, started fixing tea, and even called the cops for her.

So the cops arrive and start talking to her and they quickly get to the question, "So who did this to you?

She turns her head slowly to face our hero, Bob, points at him and says, "He did."

And yes, Bob was cuffed and stuffed.

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