Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Phil Hellmuth's blog was pimped by Iggy yesterday. And as we all know, you haven't arrived on the scene until Iggy pimps it."
Wil Wheaton

I'm coming up on four years of writing on these here humble poker blog.

Four freaking years.

And to do some pre-celebrating, I'm going to do what I used to be the best at.

Pimp some new poker blogs. Although my list here is embarrassing to me because it has so many folks that deserved to be pimped a long time ago.

But hey, better late than never, right? And I'm going to make sure I do a lot more of this, just like in the old days.

For now enjoy:

Bigger Deal. Anthony Holden. Lee Jones. Nuff said.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water 2.0
The New and Improved Instant Tragedy 2.0 Over 1000 Posts and 874 comments can't be wrong!

Ace Filled Dreams

I suck for not having linked up Felty.
On The Felt
Low Stakes Canadian Odyssey

Schaubs... Under Par Poker
Poker is the only hobby I have that doesn't cost me anything.

the trials and tribulations of a small stakes poker player

Poker For Donkeys

This is crazy. I've never pimped Poker Tart? Kill me now.
Poker Tart
n. a 30-something female poker player trying to find her way.

A Poker Pro's Journal

Way remiss here:
Cowboy Poker - OOSSUUU754

Johnny Vincent

Schizohedron — Multifaceted, yet smoooooth
Someplace to stash all the words the voices keep pouring into my head.
Issues will be thrashed about. Social mores will be ignored. Drinks will be served.

Just Another Donkey
The Trials And Tribulations Of A Poker Amateur As He Makes His Way To The WSOP...In 2010.

Palango's Poker
One day a chump, the next day a champion, well atleast a semi-champion.

A Fool and his $100 - A Poker Blog
Adventures of a low-limit poker player along with his ramblings on TV, Movies, Music, and other things

The Poker Enthusiast
This blog is about life and poker.

Donkin' In the Rockies
A first foray into writing about the experiences of your average donk hanging out in low-limit mountain casinos, itinerant pub league freerolls, and all the FTP MTTs I can make time to buy into...

Jay Greenspan at Annals of a Fish Hunter
Jay rocks.

Grinders, Inc. Poker Blog
We're not professionals... Hell, we're not even very good... but we play poker and love to talk about it.

betty underground

More embarrassment. Yet another long overdue pimp.
Big Poker Dreams, Small Bankroll
Just a journel about a small time online player with aspirations of hitting the big score. Or at least winning a few free trips to some exotic locals like the Pokerstars WPT in the Bahamas.

I think Haley is one the best (and underrated) poker writers out there. So I gotta pimp her 'corporate' writing gig as well as her personal one. She's worth it.
The Kick Ass Poker Blog

It's positively dreadful how far behind I've gotten on my blog pimping. Expect it to return in full freaking force.

I'll be back soon with a photo dump.

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