Friday, October 12, 2007

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Sometimes I get sent strange shit because of this blog and the UFC news site I help out with.

So I was sent this bizarre strange thingy called a Power Ball. It's called the world's most powerful hand gyroscope.

I can't even explain it really. It's a handheld gyroscope that lights up, gets noisy and spins like mad when you rotate it with your wrist.

Their website is here: Powerball.

So I brought this damn thing into my office and it's hilarious to see how high of a score folks can get. It's actually a bit addictive and gives you one helluva workout. I'll prolly make a YouTube video of our office champ soon.

For now, watch the world record holder show you how it's done. Short one minute clip and I think you'll be surprised at how much force this damn thing exerts. Watch how he slowly ramps it up and then has to switch arms before making the run at the record.

Also, for any of MMA - UFC fans, we're running a hellacious contest over at MMAjunkie. Four floor tickets and two other sweet seats are up for grabs as well as tons of fighter gear and clothing. Come on over and take a chance at coming to Cincinnati to watch a great event and pound some many beers with me.

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