Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poker Blog - Finally Taking Down The Mook 

I guess I won the Mookie last evening. Too bad I don't remember the last damn hour.

Damn Guinness.

I don't even think I've made a final table in all the Mookie's I've played. The tourney was cursed for me. Until last night, that is. I guess I win a seat in the Tournament of Champions, so I don't have to play anymore of these damn things? Unless there's a leaderboard. There's not a leaderboard, right?

And so today, our company is taking everyone to the mecca of horse racing, Keeneland, outside of Lexington, Ky.

What kind of ad agency takes their employees to a Kentucky race track to drink heavily and gamble?

An awesomely cool one.

Aw hell, I've got a few 2+2 threads for your amusement today.

Here's another Absolute Poker is rigged thread that I read thru last evening while folding and drinking: AP, rigged, etc. #8981.4 - the plot thickens

Full Tilt Poker's Doug appeared to answer questions:
FTP answers 10/24

I enjoyed the trip report from playing on TV's High Stakes Poker:
Jman's High Stakes Poker Trip Report

And let's leave you with two strange but popular threads.
CONTEST: post a hotter "brunette" and win money

Competition: Ugliest girlfriend

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to bet the ponies.

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