Tuesday, November 27, 2007

David Sklansky is Losing His Mind 

I'm not sure what's going with Mr. David Sklansky over at 2+2 but he's clearly off his meds or deeply missing his special David Sklansky forum that was closed a while back.

Maybe the holidays made him lonely?

And while David just posted his THIRD THREAD on Kenny Tran ranking online players versus B&M, which in and of itself is tedious and trollish, I just found this wonderful post concerning David's thoughts on money and women.

Oh the humanity.

Here's David in all his glory:


I Don't Ever Give Woman Money

Or stake them in poker games. Or buy them expensive gifts. As much as I like to keep people guessing about what I am up to personally, (for the sake of getting extra hits on this site,) I can't handle the idea that people think I am that kind of sucker.

I'll buy dinner. But only because I have a lot more money than them. I usually do the same for a guy. If I'm dating them I will occasionally buy the two or three hundred dollar gift. If she is living with me, I'm paying living expenses and perhaps something like online tuition if she is taking a class. And on a few occasions I've done something like pay a traffic ticket for a damsel in distress.

One thing for sure though is that no woman I have been with was there mainly for money. That can be proved logically. Because any female who has the morals that would allow her to mess with a guy mainly for money would be picking other guys besides me. My poker nittiness extends to my personal life. I'm not saying that any girl I'm with is there with me soley because of my personality and linguistic rpms. I'm sure most would be gone if I was a broke nobody. But they ain't getting my cash.


Words to live by.

Segue: I'm stoked that two of my favorite writers, Grubby and JoeSpeaker, are back posting in their rightful homes.

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