Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I hate YouTube. I keep getting sucked in and wasting massive time.

Convergence is coming.

So I did an informal survey at the office the other day and randomly asked co-workers if they believed in Extraterrestrials, BigFoot, The LochNess Monster, Jesus or True Love.

In that order.

The aliens won with a surprisingly wonderful true love in second.

Everyone believes in aliens. People want to believe.

I finally read 2+2's official responses to the Absolute Poker mess.

David Sklansky's first post on the matter: My First, And Perhaps Only, Statement About Absolute Poker

Perhaps only, indeed.

David couldn't resist.
David Sklansky Simplifying My Absolute Poker Post

Here's Mason Malmuth's musings on the Absolute Poker shenanigans.
Absolute Does Not Respond to Two Plus Two’s Fraud Investigation Offer

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