Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poker Blogger Tournament of Champions 

What a way to start my day. While taking a shower this morning, a ginormous bottle of shampoo fell from quite a height, landing perfectly on my second toe, breaking it and creating a vicious cut.

It feels like a Monday.

But it's not - it's Tournament of Champions day. 27 blogger tournaments have led to the final tourney tonite, with one lucky blogger winning an 18k package to the Aussie Millions.

Unfortunately for me, tonight is my company's Christmas party.

So I'm pretty sure I'll make it back in time for the tourney, but hell, I'm gonna be ripped to the tits.

Just saying.

I read some truly bad news yesterday. One of my all-time favorite RGP posters, John Harkness, died suddenly at the age of 53. Damnit.

John Harkness, 1954–2007

I think I'm gonna have to do an uber-post in his memory. Stay tuned.

But for now, good luck to everyone tonite.

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