Monday, January 28, 2008

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Aw hell, looks like eBay terminated the Brandi auction. I guess it was only a matter of time.

Irish Mike made this post to RGP a bit ago and I thought I'd share his questions about the poker folks from yesteryear. Plus, it's an excuse to post a goofy video at the end of this.


Subject: What ever happened to...

We see certain poker players regularly because they have endorsement and sponsorship deals that keep them on TV. But what ever happened to these guys:

Thomas "Thunder" Keller. Heavy set guy with a big mole on his face.

Bryan Micon: Obnoxious little ass wipe that got a lot of TV time in the 2006 WSOP main event.

Russ Hamilton: Big guy that played high stakes cash games. Was a WSOP champ, once won his weight in silver (Wow!) at Binions. Binions used to run ads in Card Player advertising that Russ played at the Horseshoe.

Elix Powers: Semi-homeless guy who won $40K in a WSOP event a few years ago. When he saw he had won $40K he got so excited he just pissed away his chips so he could cash out.

No-front-teeth guy: Big talker at a WSOP event a few years ago. Never shut up. "Johnny Moss once said I was one of the best poker players he'd ever saw".

Ron Rose: Solid player out of Dayton Ohio. Won a WPT championship. Had a seat on the NYSE in his pre-poker life. Just seemed to disappear.

Paul Phillips: Mega bucks dot com guy. Dyed his hair a different color for every tournament. A regular player one day, seemed to be gone the next.

Paul Darden: Phil Ivy wanna be. Wore goofy sun glasses and always seemed over rated.

Gavin Smith: Boom or bust Canadian player in critical need of a weight watchers membership. Seems to have slipped below the radar.

Chris Moneymaker: Every one's favorite punching bag. You hear his name but never see him any more.

Josh Arieah: Made an obnoxious ass of himself at the WSOP final table when Raymer won. Insulted Mike Caro in another tournament.

Adam Schoenfeld: Pompous little shit. Always a mean, sarcastic comment on any poker subject. See him do little spot interviews on the WSOP events occasionally but haven't heard of him cashing any where in years.

Tom McEvoy: Wrote a lot of successful poker books. Won the WSOP in 1983, cashed in 2006 but nothing in between. Think I saw him bust out on a Professional Poker Tour show last year.

The fact that I haven't heard much about these guys doesn't mean they haven't done any thing. Maybe some one else has more up to date information.


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