Friday, January 25, 2008

I discovered yet another Dutch Boyd - Pokerspot debate thread on RGP. Yup, beating that dead horse NEVER gets old.

And some folks were defending Dutch with the age argument. Which friends of mine in the poker blogging community have used on me - how can I hold a kid culpable?

But then someone made an excellent point here:


"Then I find out that Dutch Boyd was 20 years old."

Help me out here. You're saying it's OK to lie, steal and cheat people out of their money as long as you're only 20 or 21?

So, at what age are people expected to develop some character and conduct their activities with honesty and integrity? It might interest you to know that many soldiers and military officers are younger than 21.

I guess it's OK to expect a 20 year old to lead men in combat but unreasonable to expect him not to be a lying thieving scum bag in his business affairs. Can't say I agree with you on this one.

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