Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just to be semi-transparent, I've done a fair share of due diligence on the Absolute - UB nonsense, zipping off emails and even working the phone here and there.

All of the good stuff, such as it is, can't be blogged about, from both ethical and legal perspectives. Trust me, I would if I could. Or if I could get confirmation on some of the hearsay.

Let's just say that the rabbit hole goes a lot further down than people really fathom.

Outside of people I know in the industry, I've gotten my fair share of anon emails today. Here's a typical one:


Hey Iggy. I just read your post about UB.

I used to have two logins there also before I (knew better.)

I had (once) registered both at a single tourney. I let one of them auto fold while I played the other. When i got knocked-out I logged off and logged in as the other name. It worked.

I thought it was a quirky accident.

But apparently this is a well known hole.


Hell, if I got an email or five about it, it must be true.

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