Thursday, January 31, 2008

More online poker cheating at Ultimate Bet 

"How come these scandals have not been plastered on the covers of the major magazines? It should be blatant.. in big bold letters. I just don't get it."
Life's A Bluff

The home of Phil Hellmuth continues to have problems, although it's a non-issue in the press. Who cares if superuser accounts exist?

Cheating at Ultimate Bet? Shocking but true.

I've held off on posting this thread for a few weeks but it's just gotten too big and too damning.

Suspicious Plays on UB 25/50 and 50/100

The story is likely close to breaking. There was a post on Monday alluding to potential company acknowledgment. They are watching developments to be sure, and I'm sure hoping this will all blow over.

Which it likely will. Sad.

Anyway, lemme give you the abbreviated cliff notes, gentle reader.

About the same time the AP scandal broke a few players that were running allegedly like superusers either changed their names or eliminated their accounts at UB. Folks are still checking on this, actually.

There are some pretty amazing, sick stats in the thread. You should go check it yourself.

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