Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poker Bliss 

More on the Argosy, the boat 20 minutes away from me.

Dann wanted to go hit the tables again last night, but at the last minute, I begged off, as I had some end-of-year paperwork to finish up and some other random assorted biz to handle. Plus, with the shitty weather, I was concerned that the room would be full of regulars and nits, making for a slow evening.

I screwed up, damnit. I shoulda gone.

Here's Dann's thoughts this morning:


I left the tightest 1-3 NL game ever and found paradise.

You missed the single greatest 3-6 table in the history of poker.

I got sucked out a ton and still won 60BB. I just couldn't leave. It was 4am before I left. The table was just too damn good. Everyone played pre-flop, few raises, people would fold into $100 pots on the river if re-raised, and everyone was friendly and sober and enjoying themselves. I talked a couple of donators into staying because they were having a good time. Best of all? These were all regulars.

Oh, and get this: I flopped a straight but someone ended up tying me. I had to split -- and still won half a $212 pot -- in 3/6!

Again, these were regulars for the most part. It makes me realize these people just found poker instead of slots and are perfectly happy to lose it all.

Honestly, the best part was that I really was having a good time and enjoying the good conversation. Always makes it more fun.

Jeesh, people can study until their heads explode to eek out an additional $1 profit per hour. Or they can stay chatty to keep a couple donators happy to pull in an easy $100 score.

Especially when they're happy and having fun while losing. it's a rarity. god. you could have written a book about that game last night

He emailed me his chip stack at one point:


Good gravy, I'm itching to get some sessions in ASAP.

Quick video segue: here's a wild 30 second clip my wife just emailed me. Wanna see how high a horse can jump without a running head start?


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