Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poker Player Alliance 

"The PPA does not, and never has, represented poker players. It’s a con, it’s a money laundering operation."
Gary Carson

I've never been a fan of the PPA. They've been a miserable failure, imho.

I've been having a little email back and forth with popular poker cartooner, Frank Frisina, over at Life's a Bluff about the lack of coverage on the poker cheating scandals.

He's been blogging his frustration with the PPA and lack of coverage from the media outlets per Absolute. And I sure as hell don't blame him - it's a joke.

So anyway, I asked if I could post one of his emails and he allowed it:


Anyway I wanted to ask you what you thought about about blog organized boycott of Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, and possibly Kahnawake?

I think we really need as a community to capitalize on these moments and spark government regulation. I just called out the PPA and I plan on asking my readers to do the same..

I am concerned that Absolute's site numbers have not dropped significantly since the scandal broke... I am positive it has everything to do with the average poker player is not active on the internet reading blogs and forums.

My mother is a prime example. She plays poker every day and yet I walk in on her the other day playing Absolute.. I mentioned what had been going on and she had no idea. Now granted a boycott will not do much for those type of players but if we can raise big enough stinks maybe we can start getting bigger media involved.

And unless I missed it... how come these scandals have not been plastered on the covers of the major magazines? It should be blatant.. in big bold letters. I just don't get it.

And the PPA... needs to do something besides issue press releases on candidates. In fact they should be in the poker news on a regular basis and using the membership numbers to get airtime on TV. They have the emails of of almost a million members and yet don't send out a newsletter.. If legalization of poker is what they are supposedly after... You would think that using these scandals as firepower would be top priority.


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