Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Prosecution Of Brandi Hawbaker 

"As Brandi threads grow all over the world, millions of people at work spend the mornings reading about Brandi. Productivity dives as does the stock market. It will be called the Brandi recession."
Johnny Hughes

As the original thread dies down, there's been a few off-shoots.

Brandon started a new thread of insanity (link below) and had lots of folks weighing in on his post, including detectives and lots of pretend lawyers.

Here's his post:


The Prosecution Of Brandi Hawbaker

Basically this is the situation. No matter how much of a fool I was for involving myself in something that I didnt have the ability to handle or even remotely come close to grasping, I am not letting this go.

A severe crime has been committed and I am going to be the final person in the poker world at least that Brandi is able to do this to. So there will be no more Mark Newhouses, any the many other countless pro's and recreational players and just good hearted people in this world that Brandi has stolen from in the past.

While I was away from my home, Brandi systematically over a short period stole and sold every item of value from my home. This includes all electronics, furniture,computers, even appliances (i know what a sick bitch). Everything. I am sure she got no where near the face value of anything although the police report and affadavids list the loss at approximately $45,000.

Neighbors witnessed unknowing what was going on and gave statements to the police. The Las Vegas Police right now are basically just calling her a person of interest and are looking for her. Its takes about 10 business days from how it has been explained to me for all of the paper work to be processed and the information forwarded to the Clark County States Attorneys Office, in which a warrant will then be issued.

The dilemma is this. I know where she is staying (commerce). Staying there and gambling with my money. When that money runs out she will have no where to go. I have informed the police of this. But obviously due to the overall small magnitude of the crime and the fact it is considered a non-violent crime, nothing can be done until she is spotted in the state of nevada, where she could then be detained and arrested.

So I ask any of you that wish to help me make sure she finally has to face some responsibility and accountability for her actions to help me. If you spot her anywhere in the state of nevada, contact me or the police immediately. She has a storage unit on West Flamingo (filled most likely with whatever things she couldnt sell off of mine). She will have to make an attempt at some point to come back here.

I don't care what any of this costs me. Im not accepting this and letting it go. Im going to do whatever it takes to make sure she realizes she is not going to be able to go through life this way and receive a get out of jail free card each time.



Uber strange old poker dude, David Sklansky, sad that the drama is dying down, decided to create some hubub by starting yet another thread: Immunity For Brandi. David has become such a traffic whore.

Here's Mr. Sklansky:


I have a feeling that there is another side to this story. And that Brandi would like to tell it. But if she does, she has a problem. Because even if she would dispute the vast majority of Brandon's accusations and even if she had good reasons for her actions, she is better off legally, saying nothing.

For instance she can't say "I came home one night to find Brandon in bed with eight girls and he gave one of them my engagement ring. So I pawned his dishwasher." Because even though we would all forgive her she would be admitting a crime.

But that means we are all deprived of her side of the story and 2+2 is deprived of a thread with 600,000 views.

To get around that all that is necessary is that Brandi avoid any direct admission of a crime and that no one here tries to make her comment on anything her lawyer would advise her to keep silent about.

I say 600,000 but deep down I am dreaming of a million.


And finally, I thought I'd include one of David's replies in the thread itself so you could get his take on Brandi. And also, the HUGE poker person he referenced below was Bobby Baldwin. Just so you know.

Anyway, enjoy:


You are just wrong. There could easily have been mitigating circumstances or inaccurate portrayals that she would have wanted to get out to the public. Regardless of whether posters here would have been insulting in return. It occurred to me that she was not posting for legal reasons only, so I made a suggestion. Of course it helps 2+2 but I would never have let that be an excuse to knowingly lead her down a path that would hurt her. We had actually become pretty good friends. She had told me many personal things about her life and she never did me wrong. Except, apparently, seriously exaggerating what I suggested to her regarding getting staked for tournaments.

When she stopped talking to me I really thought it was because someone asked her to. Either Brandon, or someone not yet mentioned, who was smitten with her, was HUGE, and who might well have wanted to insure discreetness. In fact when I first saw him flirt with her I actually TOLD her that I would understand if he insisted she and I didn't talk anymore. Maybe that didn't go over well. When she stopped calling me I accepted it for that reason and one much more important. She left her kittens with us before going to LA and my girlfriend fell in love with them. The more time that passed without me speaking to her the less likely Brandi would ask for them back (she was aware we wanted them). True story.

Is Brandi a little nuts? Does she overestimate her poker prowess. Duh. You know as well as I do. But I never saw anything that suggested she was a con artist or a thief. And I would not have knowingly suggested a course of action that would actually harm her. Even for a million views.

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