Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick Brandi Update 

I know, I know, I said I was done with the Brandi drama but this is just too random not to mention.

Original 2+2 thread linked below:


Brandi is no more, hello Naami Dai

Register Of ActionsCase No. D-08-386744-NIn the Matter of the Petition for Change of Name by: Brandi Rose

Hawbaker, Petitioner(s). ยง

Case Type: Name Change Petition
Date Filed: 01/11/2008
Location: Department L
Conversion Case Number: D386744

Party Information Lead Attorneys
Petitioner Hawbaker, Brandi Rose
Pro Se

Events & Orders of the Court OTHER EVENTS AND HEARINGS
01/11/2008 Notice
of Petition for Change of Name
01/11/2008 Petition for Change of Name Naami Dea
Financial Information
Petitioner Hawbaker, Brandi Rose
Total Financial Assessment 148.00
Total Payments and Credits 148.00
Balance Due as of 01/23/2008 0.00

01/11/2008 Transaction Assessment 148.00
01/11/2008 Payment (Window) Receipt # 2008-01323-FAM Hawbaker, Brandi Rose (148.00)


Is it really only $148 to legally change your name? Hell, I'm gonna go for Stacks McGuligutty.

I saw that the protagonist of this whole mess, Brandon, had followed up with his explanation on her name change here:


Around September, she decided that she wanted to embrace judiasm. Started going to classes to learn hebrew, met with a rabbi, and attended temple.

She wanted to leave the poker world and try to break into the entertainment industry by auditioning for sitcoms in LA (I am not making this up). She had several consultations with surgeons in regards to getting implants, her nose done, and other work on her. She decided that it would be best to change her name before entering the entertainment industry. She was afraid her past might be brought up/found at some point and it could appear on the cover of People or one of those gossip magazines (Again, I am not making this up). She wanted a new name that wouldnt be linked to her past


Video of the day. This guy needs TechnoViking to put him in his place.

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