Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Sklansky, you are a freak and a very weird dude."
First post after David's.

I think we've all had our thoughts on David Sklansky's (eminent poker theorist and author) personal life. After all, he's regaled us with tales of dalliances with under-age women and more.

Well, here it is. An inside look.
No-Girls-No-Goats, My Real Home Life

David, we really need that special Sklansky forum to go back up. I implore you.

Also, who the hell is still out there with the temerity to prey on newbies and send poker players to Absolute Poker? I need to take a deeper dive on this and report back, time permitting.

News flash: Poker Players Alliance still doing nothing. I'm gonna rescind my membership.

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