Friday, January 25, 2008

Where the sand turns to gold. 

My man, Dann from MMAjunkie, is in Atlantic City playing poker at the Taj today. He called me while on a break to give me the skinny. Out of the entire cardroom, which is substantial, he estimated that perhaps four people in the entire room had taken a shower this week. The filth that he described made me glad that I have never yet popped my cherry at AC.

He also stated that if he could buy a surgical mask to wear in the poker room, he would.

Now please put in perspective that we play poker at the boats in Southern Fucking Indiana, for Gods sakes. We are not accustomed to high falootin poker rooms, so I can only imagine how foul the scene is.

Hopefully, he'll write up a quick trip report for us.

Per Dann's observations above, I saw this post, which is a common complaint amongst us non-germy poker players.

Subject: OT: Are men just pigs?

As long as I've been playing in cardrooms and casinos, and using the restroom in these places, I am going to go out on a limb here and estimate that close to 50% of men do NOT wash their hands after using the restroom and before returning to the gambling.

And this is not just your average lowlifes at the dumps in downtown Vegas. I'm talking about the high class ritzy places too. It is absolutely amazing to me. Were these people raised with any lessons in manners? In fact, I was at the Ritz Carlton in Vegas earlier today. The RITZ FUCKING CARLTON! I mean, these are not lowlifes, you would think. These are the guys who have BMWs, Mercedes, etc., and they wear the little polo logo on their friggin shirts and stuff.

Yes, you guessed it. They STILL DON'T WASH THEIR FRIGGIN HANDS after taking a leak. At least 45% of them. And I just can't help notice it when I'm in there with these classless bums.

In other words, if you are playing cards or dice or slot machines or whatever, there's a very good chance that there are penis germs on the chips that you are touching. Disgusting!

So here's my question. (besides wtf is wrong with people). I want to know, does the same thing happen in the women's restroom? Are women just as friggin disgusting as men are? Or is it just men who are pigs?

Even though this is an ancient gripe, I gotta admit this still creeps me out.

But then I saw this weird reply to the above post and got all WTF:

Womens washrooms tend to be worse then mens. They hover and pee all over seats on a regular basis. No not all wash their hands either. Thinks about that when you are touching the hand of some PYT at the bar trying to connect.

Think about this they don;t wash their hands, you do. They are walking out while your hands are drying. You now have nice clean hands and have to touch the door handle they used. congrats you haven't even left the room and have urine on your hands.

Strippers don't wipe as the TP lint shows up under the blacklight.

I also read a review that the bar mix, mints and tooth picks that are at the door when you leave a restaurant have a 85% chance of having urine on them.

This begs the question of why would mints and toothpicks on a front desk have an 85% chance of having urine on them?

Armed with this knowledge, I don't even want to leave the house anymore for fear of getting peed on or eating pee-covered mints.

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