Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Worst Hotel in Las Vegas 

I was doing some research for a client about reviews and the sites that use them best. Of course, Trip Advisor is right up there.

And so I dug around in the Las Vegas reviews and discovered the Good Day Inn is the worst – or at least worst reviewed place to stay in Las Vegas. Reviewers say that the pool isn’t filled, strange odors greet guests, and those brave enough to stay should bring their own Lysol. For example:

When we went down the stairs the first morning there was a person sleeping on a piece of cardboard. He had better accommodations than we did.
The elevator also smelled of urine so we even had to spray it the one time we rode it.

The rooms were very filthy. Rooms that are rented by the hour are probably better than this one!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!

Las Vegas: Good Day Inn - Traveler Reviews - Do NOT stay at this facility - TripAdvisor

I highly recommend reading the reviews from the link above. Just page after page of grossness.

And damn, I just watched this video so this post is just an excuse to post this first person view of an amazing bike trail. This is crazy:

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