Sunday, February 24, 2008

Absolute Online Poker Cheating 

A few links tonight.

First off, I'm kinda sad for myself that I never published my raving drunken Absolute Poker cheating post. It's just a fucking travesty that no one gives a tinkers damn.

But one of my favorite poker writers, Shamus, stuck up a comprehensive post (just like I used to do, damnit) entitled: Reporting on Absolute Poker; or, If a Tree Falls.

Quick political note: being as I live in Ohio and am a registered voter, our phone is getting hammered by all three candidates with the pre-recorded-message bullshit.

Do they really think that works?

Anyway, in response to the NY Times article about Mr. McCain that caused all the controversy, they put up a two features:

The Public Editor Weighs In


Editors and reporters answered questions about an article on John McCain.

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