Thursday, February 07, 2008

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TGIT, indeed.

Here's a couple of quick thoughts.

I'm of the anyone but Hillary camp. Some folks just simply can't understand that. Allow me to preface the fact that I have a long history with the Clintons.

In fact, there's a photo in my office of me and Bill Clinton from 1978. Royal has actually seen it and I probably should post it here for grins, but I digress.

My main issue right now is that we have created this political class of "royalty" ala the Clinton's and the Bush's. And it's time for it to end.


Yes, I'm an Obamican. There, I said it.

I think the funny ironic thing is that the Political Machine placed him in this race to make Hillary look more centrist. Talk about backfiring. They just didn't expect how well his message would come across to regular folks just wanting to end the bile and acrimony of the past 20 years or so.

Yes, I may end up launching Guinness and Politics so I can properly address this nonsense. This is arguably one of the most important elections in our country's history and it deserves some attention.

But for now, I just wanna mention that MMAjunkie.com was featured on the home page of Yahoo this morning. That's something that doesn't happen every day.

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