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Mark Seif & Absolute Poker 

"A ‘super-user’ account does not exist in our software. Absolute Poker was created by poker players who value security and fair play. The back-end of the Absolute Poker software prevents the possibility of any such feature."
Absolute Poker Press Release 2007

Freaking Lying Liars.

How ironic is it that Mark Seif blogs at Bluff Magazine where the EDITOR got fired for cheating?

Anyway, Mark was supposed to release his hand histories from the tournament when he was accused of having a super user account.

Guess what. Absolute has said they "lost" the hand histories.


Anyway, I just wanted to post Mark's last blog entry from November. Feel free to
click the link if you want to read all the comments that are posted in response to Mark's post.

quick blog to clear some things up...

Here's the post:


This will be a quick blog today, as I have a very packed schedule with quite a few meetings. I think it’s important though, to again, clear up some confusion. Specifically, I want to address two points that have legitimately been raised. One, why haven’t I severed all ties with Absolute Poker? Two, why do I feel Todd Witteles has acted improperly? This second question, I have to be brief about for reasons that will be obvious down the road. Also, I want to make a brief point about the hand histories from my February 15, 2006 session that has been called into question.

I have not severed all ties with AP, despite numerous requests for me to do so, for one main reason. The investigation is not complete. There is still a tremendous amount of information to be learned about what happened. Such as, how it happened, when did it start, how long did it last, who was involved, who knew about it, and how pervasive was it? As I write this, there are third party independent auditors travelling to AP’s world-wide offices looking into the Company’s practices, procedures, databases and systems. They are accumulating tons of data about every aspect of AP’s operation. Doesn’t it seem reasonable to wait until the investigation is complete before I make this decision?

Would it not be hypocritical of me to ask the public to wait until all the evidence is in regarding my own involvement before forming an opinion, but at the same time, quickly conclude that AP is guilty of such egregious conduct that I must sever all ties with the Company before the investigation is complete? Wouldn’t I be doing the same thing that some are doing to me? That is, unfairly jumping to conclusions without all the facts?

For clarity’s sake, I will go on the record again regarding my involvement. I never engaged in this malfeasance in any way, shape or form, nor did I know about it, nor did I benefit from it in anyway. Yet some people SWEAR I was in on it. They are 100% wrong! The evidence and the truth will eventually come out. But, it takes time.

Just look at a fairly recent and very similar matter in the news the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal. Everyone thought they were guilty because charges were leveled against them. It turns out they were not guilty. It took many many months before there was even the slightest hint that they might be telling the truth, that they didn’t do it.

Second point. Witteles has made several false claims and he continues to do so. I’ll talk a little about this and after that, I’m pretty much going to refrain from talking about him. He clearly enjoys the spotlight much more than I do and he has opportunistically used this situation to try to elevate his standing in poker. In the end, when all the evidence comes out, I think, people will have a very different view of him and his role in this matter.

He says I owe him an apology because AP has admitted there has been a security breach; therefore he must not have been lying or exaggerating. Does that make any sense at all? What about the statements he made about me personally? What about the statements he made about the February 15, 2006 session?

I believe very strongly that he has knowingly and intentionally or with reckless disregard for the truth (which are not elements of the offense by the way) made at least one statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation. That’s all I can say about it for now.

One last thing, my hand histories from the Feb 16, 2006 session. I have been told that it is likely that Absolute Poker does have those hand histories along with all other real money hands ever played on the site. They apparently are on tape and will be retrievable. I hope this is true. I really really hope so. I think the person who told me they don’t have them may have been mistaken. I really don’t know at this point. I’m just telling you what I have been told by two different sources, obviously in direct conflict with one another.

When I agreed to show my hole cards I had never requested them from AP at that point and was shocked, as everyone else was, to learn they weren’t available. That is the truth! That’s why I am cautiously optimistic that the earlier statement that they are not available, may be incorrect.

One last point about these HHs. I have agreed to expose my hole cards because of 15-20 minute session, if I recall correctly, where my opponent (through his “friend”) wonders if I could see hole cards because I ran so hot/made all the right plays. Imagine how many times that happens every single day in poker. Tens of thousands? I think that would be conservative. So every time a site’s pro has that kind of session, we should all demand to see his hole cards right? I know there is a difference here in that impropriety has taken place at AP, and for that reason, I have agreed to turn up my hole cards.

I am just trying to illustrate a point. My opponent and his friend’s claim will be proven false when and if the HHs are retrieved. I am certain of that because I know I did nothing wrong. But just think for a moment, if you were me how you would feel about such a serious accusation because you ran hot for 15-20 minutes?

-- Mark A. Seif


And a follow-up.

This is Dan Druff in a pretty well done expose of the Absolute Poker cheating as well as addressing Mark Seif's thinly veiled legal threats.

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