Friday, February 01, 2008

More Brandi. Kill Me Now. 

"I worry about our nation--nay, our species--when I spend more than 30 minutes on 2+2. No wonder the Chinese own most of the U.S.--they block crap like this."
Mean Gene

Holy smokes. I have two wonderful threads for you today.

I truly wish this Brandi nonsense would go away, but rumour has it that there's a pr0no out there featuring her?

Read the thread. Hell, go watch the video if you ain't at work.
Is this brandi in this porn?

I'm speechless. This can't be her, right?

And crazy David Sklansky is, well, David is posting more photos of himself at home.

I Can Get Even Jenn, Brandi, & Brandon To Reconcile

TGIF, indeed.

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