Thursday, February 28, 2008


A little piece of me dies inside every time I see that Party Poker desktop icon.

Every fucking time.

Easing the pain right now is the fact that MMAjunkie.com was being featured on the home page of Yahoo.com today. Of course, now they wrote their own story and are just sourcing us, since we broke the story. Bastards.

Two big stories that Dann broke were the CBS television deal and also that Budweiser, the King of all Sponsors, has inked a three year deal with the UFC.

It feels like something is going mainstream here.

But I digress as I am loathe to do.

Mr. AlCanHang has posted most of the details on the upcoming poker blogger tournaments that will be awarding seven World Series of Poker seats to the lucky winners: More BBT3 information

Kudos to Al and all who helped him make this a reality.

My only hope is that someone out there has pity on us old folks and will start one of these damn things before 10pm EST. That's pretty late, especially with a decent-sized field participating.

But I'm just whining. I'm stoked to see this happen for our little community and its readers. Best of luck to everyone, and please, keep the poor-sportsmanship to a minimum.

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