Monday, March 03, 2008

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A quick post here.

I'm overwhelmed here at the beginning of the week after a crazy UFC weekend.

But back to Brandi and 2+2. Apparently she's been permA-BANNED.

I'm very sad and disturbed about Mr. Sklansky. Ugh. I kept holding out hope that whole thing was manufactured for trollish purposes but alas....

Allow me to post two alleged emails he sent to Brandi - Naami Hawbaker. First one here where he even offers up a retraction/apology email for her in exchange for a little bit of money. I obviously can't vouch for the veracity of this nonsense but here's the first:


I guess you now believe me that thread resurrection is out of my hands. And that Mason is not afraid to expose my peccadilos. In any case you wanted to vent and probably got paid for it as well. But I'm not that mad. Because I still don't blame you for being upset at the double standard of the deletion.

Mason doesn't even blame you. But he saw that thread and it didn't meet his standards. Had I seen that post of yours first, everything would be different.

I would have immediately accepted your offer to be friendly again, not because of the picture but because I had already decided to give it one more shot.

The truth is that I WANT that thread put back up. Because it would prove that you weren't all that upset with me. Else why the peace offering? But there is no way that thread reappears.

Anyway you will be unbanned tomorrow, I believe, in spite of all this stuff. That gives you the chance to talk poker for a change. It really is quite astonishing how well you play tournaments, except the technical part involving different bubbles. And you can tout your Sharkscope numbers. If you stick to that you won't be banned regardless. But if you want me to love you again you can take it a step further and write a retraction post. Here is a rough draft that you should feel free to edit.

Semi Apology To David

"As many of you know I put up some emails that David sent me the last few days that make him look kind of creepy. I did that because I was so angry that my harmless naughty pube post was deleted and I got banned for three days to boot. While at the same time nastier posts about me were allowed to stay. I didn't believe David when he said that he had no power to change things. Or Mason when he said he would have deleted those bad posts about me if I had asked him to. But I guess I have to believe David now. And I am feeling a little bad that I posted emails out of context."

"When David came to LA he mentioned to me that "smooth" girls weren't his cup of tea. He asked if I would give him a treat and let him see some hairs peeking out. Its creepy to me but if it put a smile on his face I was willing to do it. Later on that night I gave him a hard time about his driving and other things not realizing it was annoying him. When he went back to Vegas he coached me in a few things I was weak in and I went on a tear in smallish SitnGos. A quick 4K. And then tilted off much of it trying to get into the FTP main event. David was rightly mad at me but still offered to send me $260 to play those $24 90 player SitnGos. But I had to promise to stick to
them until he said so. Then he also asked for a picture of the treat he had wanted while in LA.

Well I took the money and broke both promises. I didn't really think I had, because I was using different money and because I hadn't mentioned a date of delivery of the pictures. But David got mad. And sent the emails I posted. By the way when he was talking about "pleasing" him, I don't think he meant sex. Just doing what he wanted.

Obviously I couldn't have been too upset about his actions or I wouldn't have tried to entice him to be friends again with the deleted post.

So I offer David this semi apology. I am still furious my post was deleted but am willing to accept a promise that even worse posts regarding me will be deleted in the future.

At this point I just want to read and think about poker."


Once again Brandi. I never did anything really bad to you. But I did do quite a few good things. Add them up and realize you should take my suggestion.

If you do this for me I promise you there will be more good things to come. Due to what happened with the picture I cannot take you on your word alone but once you post what I have asked you to I will send another $260 your way.

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