Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bonus Code IGGY on Party Poker, damnit! 

A few thoughts. The prior snippet about this here humble poker blog has provoked me to write up a damn uber. It might not be this weekend, but damnit, I'm gonna write one.

It's only for lack of time.

I know, that's the lamest of all excuses, but MMAjunkie.com continues to explode. Hell, we're now serving up millions a lot of ad impressions a month.

And I wanted to mention that we inked a deal with my hero, Mark Cuban, to be the exclusive web partner with his TV network for the MMA show, Inside MMA. I guess I can't say anything else until the show broadcasts.

For now, Mr. Mark Cuban excoriates a journalist for the mis-informed article written in the Washington Post at Blog Maverick.

This Guy Proves Anyone with a Keyboard can be Stupid

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