Thursday, March 06, 2008

David Sklansky is Uber Creepy 

A reader reminded me that I didn't post the second alleged email from David Sklansky to Brandi. So here it is.

I'll give you the crib notes on this whole sordid affair, perhaps tonite.

I've blogged many strange things in the world of poker over the past 4 1/2 years but this just about takes the cake.

Sklanksy went from the Mount Rushmore of poker to the King of Perversion. Didn't really take that long, either.

The threats in here are fairly disturbing, as well.

David to Brandi:


I am thinking better.

For instance I realize that "extortion" is the better word than "blackmail".

You are an extortionist. You threatened to hurt me if I didn't do something. That is undeniable. Technically you are also a blackmailer because of your $260 request. And there is little doubt you would have soon asked for a lot more. But I don't want to use a word that you have an argument against.

So every poker player big, or small, that I know, I will tell that you are an extortionist. Who used the plight of a handicapped girl as your weapon.

They will also meet her. So that it will be clear that the relationship is to her
benefit. And that you were not exposing a "wrong". I will also tell then that you are a medicre poker player who will probably try to steal from anyone who stakes you. I will not ask card rooms to bar you. But they well might just do that to please me. Don't think my ignoring you on our site is anything but acquiescing to Mat and Mason. Most of my waking moments are still devoted to you.

You on the other hand can tell people I am a creepy pervert. I can easily show I'm not nearly as bad as you imply. And I can point out how ridiculous it is to call asking for a bikini picture immoral, but getting paid to watch cocaine addicts jack off, isn't. In any case it doesn't matter.

The truth about you will make people not stake you, not let you into their casinos, and not write flattering articles about you. The truth about me will make people
----- uh nothing. They will still buy my books and have interesting conversations
with me. They were never interested in my dick's activities anyway. You on the
other hand will be left only with those guys who are trying to fuck you.

So you see that it is probably not necessary for me to do anythig illegal to make sure you get what you deserve. HOWEVER it is important to understand that you might be in such jeopardy without my knowledge. For instance you know I have young friends, who have friends, who have friends who do nasty things at the blink of an eye. Drive by shootings etc. To do something like throw some paint on a good dress would be nothing to them.

If I ever told my friends that your obsession with your looks means that you would be appalled if that happened to you once, let alone a dozen times, they might do that behind my back just to please me. Asking nothing in return They might even think I'd like it better if it was acid rather than paint since that would mean people would say "guess you can't talk about Sue now". I would never want them
to to do that but you never know about those guys.

The reason I am telling you this is not because there is something you could do to change things. There is nothing you can do either for me or to me. No, the reason I am telling you is because the anticipation of wondering what will happen is at least as bad as the act itself. You proved that to me when you put me through the anguish of worrying about Sue. Basically the only option available is to leave the poker world forever. Ply your trade elsewhere. Suicide wouldn't be a bad option either. If you do that I will promise to stop badmouthing you.

Notice that I am sending a copy of this email to Jenn. We have put her
through a lot so the least I could do was send her something that I know will
provide her some enjoyment.

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