Thursday, March 13, 2008

Las Vegas 

Found a few interesting Vegas articles in the RJ.

Las Vegas marks time to its own steady beat

Las Vegas is a town created on the notion of taking every natural or man-made obstacle in its path and crushing it like a Hummer saying "Howdy" to a one-legged jackrabbit.

Torrid heat. A lack of water. Even, cosmically enough, time itself.

Las Vegas always has had an uneasy, at times adversarial, relationship with time. We've blurred the line between night and day, subsist in an economy in which many workers never have a work "day" per se, and even today do all we can to make free-spending tourists forget whatever the clock might say.

And this editorial is from The Sun. Seems locals are concerned.
Killing the golden goose?
Casinos should be careful that nightclub operations don’t end up driving patrons away

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