Friday, March 14, 2008

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MMA at IMG's World Congress of Sports

MMA is in the conversation in a major way for the first time at IMG's World Congress of Sports. Some quotes from the convention floor:

* "The key is to know your consumer and follow your consumer. We've seen a study that shows a young male can identify 10 UFC fighters, but not 10 players on the (St. Louis) Rams." - Tony Ponturo, Vice President of Global Media and Sports Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, on why his company has become involved in the sport.

* "It's a phenomena. It's great to see there's room in this industry for a new sport." - MLS Commissioner Don Garber welcoming the idea of MMA becoming a major force in the sports industry.

* "If we're going to invest in something that (offends) her, we're going to lose an important consumer who really has some pull." - Beatriz Perez, Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing for Coca-Cola North America, cautioning that MMA advertisers have to be "very cognizant" of the potential reaction of certain sizable portions of their consumer base, particularly mothers.

* Jeffrey Pollack, Head of Harrah's Sports and CEO of the World Series of Poker, called MMA an "awesome phenomena" that Harrah's plans to get involved with.

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