Monday, June 02, 2008

"Caro said it best when he said that the best poker players play in the rooms where the best players don't play.

I've never seen a post on two plus two that suggests that posters on two plus two would recognize a good game if someone shoved it up their ass and twisted it."

Gary Carson

What can I say, I'm a Mike Caro disciple.

Hell, I wanted to write another mini-uber last night, but have no fear, it's coming, oh yes.

The ratings from Nielson just came out for this past weekends prime-time CBS show -- "Saturday Night Fights" -- and I'm still digesting it all. Although the real numbers won't come out until Tuesday, let's just say that they are surprisingly good.

Lord knows I could write a massive missive about the emerging popularity of MMA, but I've promised myself to stick to poker on this here poker blog.

I was pretty horrified by Saturday's CBS show, but hey, if this helps grow the sport then I'll just shut my trap. I do know that MMAjunkie.com had 900 comments on the post about the fights that evening, so hell, people are obviously tuning in.

There's so much mainstream press about Kimbo and the fights, that I could literally link up 50 articles to broad sheets right now.

But alas, I'm just gonna link to this Yahoo Sports column: An entertaining disaster.

I'll be back in a few.

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