Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm too late to write up the WSOP post and was whining to a friend about even trying to do so. That's why I never do Trip Reports (Aruba notwithstanding) -- I just can't do it justice.

But my friend pushed and said, "Just condense it down to a few minutes of what it was like to play in the WSOP Main Event. One moment."

I impulsively said I couldn't do it, but was immediately struck with my moment.

Here it is.

After I survived Day One, I went to Hertz at the Rio to rent a car and drive up to Mt. Charleston for a day to get away and clear my head before I played on Day Two. They only had one little car available, a Ford Focus.

At the same time, a Swedish WSOP player came up to trade in his 500HP Shelby badass freaking muscle car for the new monster Corvette.

The Hertz manager paused for a moment or two and said, "You know, it's funny how the two of you are handling this tournament on your day off."

Gesturing at me he said, "You, on one hand, are renting a little Focus to head up into the mountains in a zen of poker and getting away kind of thing."

And then pointing at the Swede he stated, "But you are taking out one of the biggest and baddest damn cars to tool around in The Strip."

It was emasculating.

Fucking Swedes.

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