Thursday, July 24, 2008

Poker blogs rule 

Driving home from a happy hour/meeting, I just thought of another WSOP Main Event moment.

Leaving Cincinnati for Las Vegas, bright and early on a Thursday morning.

There was a young 16 year old African-American girl sitting in the window seat, an elderly blue-haired white grandma (reading a bodice-ripping-on-the-cover romance novel, gross!) in the middle and me in the aisle.

After we took off and the airplane made a sharp bank, bouncing around, the young girl was suddenly very frightened, confessing it was her first time flying. The elderly grandma and I tried to console her, telling her this was normal and we were heading up to cruising altitude and all would be well.

The young girl simply refused to open her eyes at this point. I felt really bad for her.

Thirty seconds later, I noticed the young girl and grandma holding hands tightly, which I thought was beyond sweet.

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