Sunday, September 21, 2008

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"You got a lot of bricks, but I don't know what the building looks like."
Don Draper

Funny how watching the WSOP on ESPN has gotten my poker itch up and running. And I can't help but scratch it.

Watching the Main Event coverage has pretty much transported me back to the event itself. I can't even imagine how it affects my intrepid reporter friends who essentially lived there for six weeks.

Tis weird, looking back.

Sone folks have asked me if I've seen anyone that I played with yet on TV, which isn't really fair because only one of my four days has been shown thus far. But there was an Asian guy named VU who played with Phil Ivey on Day One at TV table #2 that I played with a bunch. He was the guy who folded trip kings to Ivey's superb river bluff bet on Day One.

Anyway, he was a chatty mofo on Day Two, sitting two to my left. He put a nice beat on the silent 30-something corporate type sitting directly to my right, who was the big stack at the table at the time, sitting with perhaps 200k.

This was the only time I ever saw anyone become unhinged and tilt out. It literally took thirty minutes for this joker to spew every last one of his chips as poorly attempted to play directional poker at the aforementioned Mr. Vu.

I was sick watching this as I got nary a chip. After overplaying the last of his stack, Mr. Tilty stood up fast and stormed off. It really was an amazing thing to witness.

Honestly, I'm 99% sure I'll never be shown on TV unless they show my bust out hand to the chip leader at the time. Finishing 400th has no merit unless you're a pretty girl or have no arms.

But I've actually been out doing some reading and am looking to regurgitate some notes in an old fashioned copy and paste uber post here ASAP. Best of all, I am seriously backlogged on strange pictures.

Prepare for a mother lode.

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