Monday, November 10, 2008

2009 WSOP Main Event Final Two 

Wow. After 15 hours, they are down to two poker players, both Euro's.

And one of them has my damn chips from Day One.

Go Peter Eastgate!

It's interesting that the guy who left the most indelible impression on me from my time at the tables is one of two left, and with the chip lead. I guess my read was correct.

Looking forward to the battle tonight.

Quick PSA here at G&P from a local friend and blogger:


I have a buddy that started up the site fulltiltforum.com who's having some issues with medical bills due to his fight with ALS - the same kidney disease as Jen Harman. I have managed to get Andy Bloch, who also knows Roger, to agree to host a tourney on FT this Wednesday night, November 12th. It is a $10+10 tourney.

Here's the details:

Tournament #67971755 (11-12-08 21:00 ET)
$10+$10 Bad Beat on Kidney Failure charity tournament
PW: CailtyssRulien

Cat is the guy with kidney failure, and the PW is posted in the lobby as well.

Thanks for your help!


Sign up folks and help a good cause!

Video of the day:

'No. I'd rather not.'

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