Saturday, November 22, 2008

LSOP - live update 

I'm finally online here in beautiful Costa Rica awaiting the start of Day Two of the Main Event of the Latin Series of Poker.

I played all day with my poker hero, TJ Cloutier and also Humberto Brenes, ending the day 6th in chips. Easily one of the best poker experiences in my life, just listening to TJ tell stories and give his opinions on all things poker.

Oh yeah, I also got to play with Kato Kaelin. He's actually a pretty good player. Tom McEvoy stood up for me when Humberto pulled a dick move on me late last night. Having Young Phan on my left, thankfully with a tiny stack, was a hilarious time. I'll write this specific silliness up later, when I have more time.

K, gotta go. Be back when I can.

Also, it must be said: this is one crazy fucking country.

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