Sunday, November 23, 2008

LSOP Update 

With 18 players left, there were 6 big-name pros left, not including all the online pro's.

Yet still, I made it to the final table with plenty of chips.

But that luckbox Kenna James took a nice chunk of my stack and then I lost my coin flip with two overcards to finish 8th. Ah well, a cash is a cash, right? Especially with some serious players at your table.

For instance, my starting table yesterday had Kenna James on my left. TJ Cloutier on my right. Tom McEvoy and Kathy Liebert down at the other end of the table. Considering we were playing 8 handed, that's pretty brutal. But hey, I held my own and then some.

So now I've got some free time so I'm off to see inside the offices of some sportsbooks down here and then to the jungle.

Stories pending.

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