Sunday, November 09, 2008

WSOP Main Event Final Table 

Crikey, I nearly forgot today was the day. Where the hell is the hype? The pomp and circumstance? The media push?

I guess scheduling the final table so close to one of the biggest elections in history didn't really work out so well. Whoda thunk?

And why can't I watch this damn thing live in it's entirety?

I know Pauly and Otis are there so I'll have to be content with checking in with them for updates.

I'll be rooting for Dennis Phillips mostly, as he's from my home town of St. Louis, and as the elder statesman, would likely be the best ambassador for poker of the nine.

Next on my list is Peter Eastgate, the Dane that I played with for ten hours on Day One of the event. In my four days of play there, there's only one hand that I'm still stinging a little from. And, of course, it was with him. We played a pretty big pot and he made a massive bet on the river to which I capitulated and folded, leaving me with only 11k, the lowest point of the tourney for me. I still wish I had called, damnit.

Ylon Schwartz seems like quite the character, as does Chino. I love Craig Marquis for verbally bitchslapping Tiffany Michelle on TV and on 2+2. The Russian kid, Ivan Demidov, is obviously a monster player and lots of folks are picking him.

And my partner over at MMAjunkie.com, Eric Foster, was picked by Eric Lynch to head to Atlanta to Mathew Hilger's place to help Darus Suharto practice and run table simulations/situations. And that's all I can really say about that for now. Cool stuff.

And so today is the day. It sure feels anticlimactic to me, but hell, I'm just bitter I'm not there.

Next year seems so far away.

It's too bad I never posted my full WSOP trip report but I'll be happy to discuss at the bar in Vegas in a month.

I'll even recount why John Dagostino cussed at me before getting knocked out at my table.

One quick note per the elections. PaddyPower has already posted odds on the 2012 presidential election. Ridiculous but fun:

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