Monday, March 02, 2009

Back from an outstanding weekend. I'm sure others will write better and more about it soon. One highlight: Lee Jones dealing the home game.

Briefly checking the news and saw that Cincinnati may still yet get a casino.

This will be the fifth time that proponents attempt to get gambling legalized here. And this time it's looking good.

But the weird part to me is where they want to build this. Broadway Commons? Are you fucking kidding me?

On one side is the JAIL and on the other is the Greyhound Bus Station. Just to be fair, it will also be directly next to, shall we say, a HIGH CRIME AREA.

Doesn't make any sense.


Gambling Supporters Set Sights On Broadway Commons

A section of downtown Cincinnati that took center stage a decade ago is in the spotlight again – this time as a future site of a casino.

Broadway Commons, on the northeast edge of downtown, is the leading site in Hamilton County as gambling supporters prepare to go to the voters once again this year.

"This is such a tough economic time and to have the opportunity to have hundreds if not thousands of jobs created in Cincinnati is a great boost for families," said city council member Jeff Berding.

Ten years ago, the Broadway Commons site along Reading Road was the potential new home of the Reds.

That didn't get off the ground.

But now, these parking lots could become home to slots.

Penn National, the owners of Argosy in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and the leaders of last year's failed "My Ohio Now" campaign are working together on a statewide referendum.

It would allow four casinos in Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

The tax revenue for all four casinos would go to the home cities and counties as well as the state.

Berding says despite four failed attempts, now is the time to bring casino gambling to Ohio.

"It's never been more important to bring jobs and stabilize the tax base here in Ohio," said Berding.

Lily Mulberry lives and works on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine, while she's not apposed to a casino, she says the city should consider other options.

"I think here it will cause a lot of turmoil with the people already living here," said Mulberry, who is the director of the 1305 Gallery. "And it would cause a lot of confusion with the people who are considering the area good or bad "

Berding says the location is ideal because it's available now and balances downtown.

"The Banks is coming out of the ground, Fountain Square has never been more vibrant and then we would have a casino on the north end of downtown and you would really see a lot of economic development," said Berding.

Mulberry had a different take.

"For us, as residents, I think we would rather have something oriented toward our needs and that of downtown and Over-the-Rhine neighborhood rather than the states income or tax needs," she said.

A formal announcement about the site and on the petition drive to get it on the November ballot is expected early next week.

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