Monday, April 11, 2005

"I was disappointed that Lederer said that "violence was not an option" for him. Howard, violence is ALWAYS an option! Some guy is dissing my sister behind my back (I don't have a sister but I think I'm still on firm ground here) and I grab his face and bite his nose off. Especially when you consider the size differential between the hulking Howard and the diminuative Daniel. Even if you spotted Negreanu a fungo bat I'd pick Lederer in an all-in street fight."
Mean Gene per an uber post

Finally - the news I've been waiting to announce.
An official online poker satellite to the June 3rd, $1500 WSOP event for us.

Sorry for the lack of an uber-post. Go read the archived one if you wish to destroy some Workplace Productivity. I'll soon be back with a fresh one now that I've received confirmation.

Weeeee, we're in business!

PokerStars helped set this up. A huge thanks to them.
Most of us already have an account with Stars and they were the most open to the custom nature of this tourney. It's funny, but you'd think online poker sites besides Poker Stars would be open to supporting the poker blogging community.

But I digress.

First of all, this tourney will be for Bloggers only. It is, after all, to support one of our own and send him/her to the Big Show in our name. And we'll all drunkenly be there on the rail to ensure you receive some serious TV exposure, should you do well. The Crew, my ass.

AlCanHang leading poker cheers in the gallery on your behalf?

Anyway, here's the skinny. It would be fun to run a few of these, but we'll have to see how much interest there is before scheduling anything additional.

Sunday, April 24
7pm EST
$30 +$3
No Limit
WPBT WSOP Satellite
password =

Because this is for bloggers only, I'm setting up an email address so you can email me with your url and such to get the damn password. Ugh.

So here's the fine print. We'll need at least 50 players for one seat to be given away. If we end up short, certain high-minded bloggers (like Otis and I) will help by adding money to ensure we hit the minimum, within reason. Maybe there's not enough interest, who the hell knows?

However, if we end up middling the amount of entries between one and two seats, say 75 entries, below the 100 needed for two seats, then the extra cash will be awarded to the second place finisher.

Also, the fine folks at Poker Stars have volunteered a stylish PokerStars Mountain Parka to whomever ends up on the bubble, as well. There may be some additional incentives if this event is indeed covered by ESPN.

I'm not going to limit entries. We'll prolly run two or three satellites, if there is enough interest. At $30 per entry fee, I hope there will be.

And while it is certainly in a bloggers prerogative to sell this seat if they wish, we are STRONGLY SUGGESTING that they use it to play in the event. That's why we're doing this, after all.

Don't make me threaten you with pariah-hood. ;)
Just kidding. Feel free to sell it.

But this allows bloggers who were on the fence about hitting Vegas with us to take a cheap chance on a WSOP seat. Or maybe just someone who would rather avoid us, yet STILL take a shot at a cheap WSOP seat. Hell, you can't go wrong for $30 damn dollars. Also, we have everything in place for you to reserve your WSOP seat, fear not.

Damn, I'm kinda excited about this, truth be told. Even more importantly, I can't wait to resume my regular blogging now. I've been playing a ton of poker on Party Poker and so should you. Bonus Code IGGY damnit!

Sorry, reflex.

If you have any questions/feedback on the tourney, fire away.
If not, thanks for reading.

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