Friday, August 25, 2006

For most full-time professional poker players, they could maximize their income if they got a job."
Gary Carson

Well hell, I'm back.

I guess I'm gonna get my cool kid card revoked by confessing that I'm entering the workplace in a few weeks. I'm sure I'll look back on these past two years with a mixture of awe and regret.

Most people don't know that the world's biggest advertiser, Procter & Gamble, has their global headquarters here in the bustling metropolis of Cincinnati. This, in turn, creates wonderful opportunities in the advertising sector.

And so, I've accepted a kickass position with one of the top creative firms in the MidWest.

Over/Under, anyone?

The past two years of poker has been a fascinating experience, one which I can't properly explain unless you've done it yourself. All the hyperbole and mixed metaphors can't do it justice. I've learned a lot about myself since quitting my job and being left to my own devices.

But I'm burnt out. And bored. This hasn't been the easiest of decisions, but it's one I'm sure is correct. I'm ready to give poker some space in my life - some room to breathe so I can enjoy it again.

And I won't say I've reached the location of that improbably banal word: closure. I mean, I can't have the same feelings about the Game than when I first quit to play full-time, for the same reason you can't restart or renew a marriage back to a state of innocent, blissful passion. It's quite a different person suffering variance, or better, scooping a large pot.

It is, however, fine indeed to know that if you've lost something very good in your life it's still possible to go looking for it.

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