Monday, January 01, 2007

I Miss Party Poker, Damnit 

Global warming aside, when the weather turns nasty here I can't help but think about Sean, the hobo, living in a tent in the woods outside of our office building.

I went to give him his Christmas gifts before the holiday break and I'll be damned if he didn't remember both my first and last name. Plus, he was clean shaven again. How the hell do the homeless stay so well groomed? I'm way more scruffy than he. I swear, I'm going to ask him about this the next time I visit.

I was also thinking about the website I'd like to do for him. I already have the domain. I think the slogan should be, "Help Me Get a Better Tent".

I'd like to do a few video podcasts with him.
I'd like to get a photo of him eating Beanie Weenies out of the can.
I'd like to tie a red kerchief to a stick and have him carry it.

I have many more ideas.

But I obviously need to have his buyin on this. I don't want to exploit the poor guy as much as I want to raise some dough for him. If he's cool with it, it could be damn funny and get him such much needed moolah.

But then I'm worried about the potential success of this project. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to have it get picked up by media types and eventually lead to him getting kicked out of his current tent/home. And that would suck.

So my goal is to go have a few beers with him sometime soon. Stay tuned.

Poker note: Huge news afoot at Pokerworks. Prolly will be public tomorrow. Best of all, I'm pounding out an uber post. I better go try and finish it.

Here's my favorite pic from that Brandi Hawbaker - Captain Tom thread.

I think I want to have a big old photo dump here in the near future. That oughta be good.

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