Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Poker is ok and blogs are ok, but put the two together and you have less than what you started with."

Wow, has it really been a week? My humble apologies for the pause in posting, but upon my return from the Great North tundra, I've caught a nasty bit of the flu and am still recovering.

It was my favourite cousin's wedding and was held in a Masonic Temple, a 150 year old historical building. This was the first time the Temple had ever been open to the public. Was pretty trippy. They even served us dinner on official Masonic china (who knew there was such a thing?). The Masonic logo was on all the plates, cups and silverware.

Based on a few conversations I had, even FreeMasons love Party Poker!!

Very strange stuff.
And yes, I pocketed a spoon.

But I digress.

I have a ton to blog, per usual, but I need to fully recover. I've even found some wonderful archived material that needs to see the light of day. It's coming, I swear.

It's gonna be a busy poker weekend. We've got Wil's tourney tommorrow night. Pauly on Saturday and Mr. Rini's on Sunday. But more importantly, my Bungals take on the Colts. Can't wait.

And guess what? Online poker and gaming is finally going to be featured THIS Sunday night on 60 Minutes.


CBS 60 Minutes Explores Internet Gaming this Sunday

60 Minutes program will broadcast a feature story about internet gambling this Sunday, November 20th, 7:00-8:00pm (ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network in the US. It will look at the size, scale and explosive growth of the Internet gaming industry particularly exploring the unclear US legal and regulatory environment.

The program will feature interviews with Nigel Payne, CEO Sportingbet PLC, Steve Lipscomb, CEO of the World Poker Tour, Terry Lanni, CEO of MGM Mirage and US Senator Jon Kyl.

Mr. Payne of Sportingbet, the world’s largest publicly traded online gaming company makes the case that “properly regulating the industry so only responsible companies will survive is the best and only way to control the inevitable.”


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