Saturday, January 27, 2007

If you watched the video in my prior post, you were probably scratching your head wondering what that was.

I call it the trifecta of weirdness.
Polio, anorexia and a transvestite all wrapped up in one fucked up package.

Bobby Bracelet disagreed with me, calling it the Trifecta of Awesomeness.

He then posed the following question:

What makes the best trifecta of awesomeness? Is it retarded, mexican, and wearing a neck halo? Polio, anorexic, and a transvestite? Black, deformed, and wearing a pink shirt? Jewish, downs syndrome and in a tutu?

The possibilities are endless.

But to offset the chilling video from yesterday, I offer you the free hugs campaign. My apologies to all the readers I freaked out with the Goddess Bunny.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I posted this link back in early 2004. Thank God for 2007.

You gotta watch the entire thing to truly appreciate it.

Enjoy the Goddess Bunny:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

RIP Sam 

"The best and the most beautiful things in the world,
Cannot be seen
or even touched...
They must be felt with the heart."

Helen Keller

Bah humbug.

Our regal 15 year old matriarch of our animal family, Samantha, died on the operating table last evening. I'm not gonna get all maudlin - 15 years is a full life for a large dog but the immediacy of her absence looms over the house.

RIP, Sammy. Here's my two fave pictures of Sam and Monty.

I got a few emails about the Dutch Boyd - PokerSpot history after my post over at Pokerworks so I'm gearing up for a big old honking retrospective. Head over and read.

It may have to wait a day or two as things are gearing up over at UFCjunkie.com. Because we're such altruistic bastards over there, we are sponsoring Sean Salmon versus Rashad Evans in the Main Event fight tomorrow evening on Spike. That's right, national TV. I'm gonna poop my pants when I finally see it.

Our URL is featured on his shorts and there have been reportings of UFCjunkie tshirts sightings at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida this week. Wild, wacky stuff.

Sean is currently a 5-1 underdog mostly because this is his first UFC fight. I tried to sign up for a sportsbook or two today to lay some money down, and Lord, what an experience that was. Long story short: I am now banned from Western Union. Good grief, this could only happen to me.

This is a fun short little video showing what happens when you kiss your opponent before a mixed martial arts fight.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What on earth is going on with our government???


US Government Wants US Bloggers to Register

Legislation has been proposed in US Congress to enact a law requiring US bloggers with 500+ readers to register with Congress. Via GrassRootsFreedom.com:

Section 220 of S. 1, the lobbying reform bill currently before the Senate, would require grassroots causes, even bloggers, who communicate to 500 or more members of the public on policy matters, to register and report quarterly to Congress the same as the big K Street lobbyists. Section 220 would amend existing lobbying reporting law by creating the most expansive intrusion on First Amendment rights ever. For the first time in history, critics of Congress will need to register and report with Congress itself.

The bill would require reporting of ‘paid efforts to stimulate grassroots lobbying,’ but defines ‘paid’ merely as communications to 500 or more members of the public, with no other qualifiers.

News.com says the legislation can be viewed here.


I swear, living on the beach in Puerto Morales is looking more appealing every day.

Anyways, I gots my Mexico trip report up at PokerWorks as well as the latest Dutch Boyd insanity. Enjoy.

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